Lyra Week 2 day 2

Either Lyra's food drive just kicked in, or I'll be purchasing Freeze Dried Turkey Hearts in bulk.  My friend gave me a few, and some serious work out of her.  Check out her heeling with something delicious.  At the end I spent a bit of time working on her play skills; this shows opposition reflex without a toy:

Today she saw a dog about 30 feet away.  She watched for a minute and then started barking and growling; backing up.  Who knew Golden Retrievers were so scary?  I don't believe in  "working through" problems in a 10 week old puppy, because they are rarely problems (as opposed to normal developmental stages), so I put her away.  At the end of the Golden's lesson, I brought Lyra out to do some work twenty feet from the scary dog.   Just a little bit of interaction....and a nice game of tug and chase with mom.   By the time we had worked for a few minutes, she was comfortably working a few feet from the Golden with no issues at all.  An excellent experience.

When it comes to the crate, Lyra has my family trained. I doubt she's crated more than three hours a day.  The rest of the time she manages to find someone (usually my husband or myself) to supervise her in the house.  I've never been much good at crate training.


Helen Gruenhut

That heeling is awesome. It takes me a year to get that kind of heeling. Are those dogs, breed, born that way????
I am enjoying this puppy so much.
Now, I have to see if I can find turkey hearts. That must be the solution to fine heeling.

Denise - OMG! I love that sweet animated heeling and sparkling attitude of Lyra’s. Nice job too. If I keep watching all these puppy videos, I know what might happen;). They are SO much fun. Loving it.

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