Obility - Teaching the Retrieve over High Jump (ROH)

Here's a simple video showing how I'm working on Lyra's retrieve over high jump.

She knows how to fetch.  She knows how to jump.  She knows how to stay.  She has a reasonable clue about fetching over a jump in the outbound direction, but definitely shakier about the return.

Now I'm focusing on proofing the return - teaching her to find her way back to the jump when the dumbbell is off center.  To accomplish this, I use "obility" and substitute an object for a dumbbell.  This allows many more repetitions and I can keep her enthusiasm up since there are no "stay", "front" or "retrieve" components to worry about.  The more I can isolate the issue, the better my chances of success.

I do need to work on her front with the dumbbell.  Had it for awhile but guess it's lost now.



Very clever break down of the issue.


Very cool!! You could even work this with a very young puppy, essentially on the flat. Teaching the idea of “if you go OUT through the uprights, you must come BACK through the uprights” can easily be taught on the flat, and then add the jumping in later as you wish.

To make an easy “fly” object, you can create a PVC pole (and even make it a foot if you wish), and then put a pool noodle over it. Good visual, lightweight and easy to carry/move about. :)

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is this on youtube? I have “issues” with my computer and embedded video

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