Ziva's first lesson - platform, retrieve and play

This is Ziva,  a 12 week old Australian Cattle Dog.

Here are a few clips from her first lesson.  She is learning how to stand on a platform, how to retrieve a dumbbell and how to play with a toy (plus give it back!).  These are all foundation skills that will serve her well down the road.

In a thirty minute lesson, we go back and forth between these three concepts.  Rotating keeps the attention of a puppy, and I believe it helps them learn faster.

Another very promising baby!



yes, plus whatever it comes in handy for. Or nothing at all…it’s a nice beginning skill.

Robann Mateja

Wow, thanks for sharing that! That puppy is off to a good start.

Stephanie Colman

Ohmahgah! I want a puppy! Such fun to have a lump of virgin clay like that. What do you use being fully on the platform for? Is it eventually for turn-and-sits?


awesome fun!
i love puppies cattle dogs and watching people train well – great timing!

Amy Walker

Fantastic training session Denise!!! Loved watching an owner that can follow good directions as well and seeing how thrilled she was at their accomplishments:o)
By the way, my handicapped GSD Kash goes absolutely nuts when he hears your voice on these videos…he gets soooo excited and runs to the computer room to find out “Where is that fun sounding lady?” hahaha

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