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Denise Fenzi



One of the greatest barriers to no-force training in the world of competition dogs sports is access to high quality information.  
To help bridge that gap, Denise Fenzi started the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy where students can take classes on topics targeted at competition dog trainers who wish to use progressive methods.  In addition, she began the “Dog Sports Skills” series of books which she co-writes with Deb Jones. Finally, Denise runs an active blog with detailed instruction and videos to help anyone who wants to understand how to train and prepare for competition using no force methods.
This page has been started to provide one more resource.  Here you will find free PDF downloads on topics of interest to dog trainers.  Feel free to share these files with others.
Available Downloads


Handling Your Heeling

Fenzi Random Reinforcement App (Iphone)

Trial Readiness

Understanding Behavior Chains

Instructors Guide