Lyra - Week 1, Day 4

Sleep is improving by the hour!  I still have to get up every few hours to let her potty, but the screaming is minimal now.

Today she visited my son's school.  We went early in the morning, so there were very few kids around.  After 10 minutes I took her home.  She handled it well, but I'm taking the conservative route when it comes to kids.  We'll continue slowly building up the intensity of her school visits by varying the time of day we arrive.

My husband took her to the Post Office and Costco.  He sat with her in the car, watching the world go by.  After a while she looked like she wanted to meet the world, so off they went....she did great.

Here is today's training session....we'll probably do one more this evening.  This video covers heeling, personal play without toys, retrieve and tug.  I am so pleased with her!


Miriam Arndt-Gabriel

Beautiful session!

Amy Walker

Fabulous session! You should not only be pleased with her but also yourself:o) She looks like such a fantastic pup to train!


Just wanted to say that I am very much enjoying reading your blog and keeping up with your new puppy training!


She definitely loves the tug!!!! She is adorable!

Jill Peterson

I also enjoy reading your blog!

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