Lyra Goes Camping

No training; just Lyra on her first trip with family and friends.




She ate whatever she was given; I didnt’ bring her anything. So….I believe that was chicken from the morning omelets:).


How cute! I keep saying that I want to go camping with the dog, but I’ve never actually gotten off my duff and arranged it.

Kellie Ford

That was a REALLY cute video :-) I agree with Kathy – it is fun to see the kids too! Looks like a wonderful getaway and everyone seemed to be having a great time! Ikon is jealous and wants to go camping with you guys :-)


Looks like she did well-a lot of new experiences-I couldn’t tell what it was you had decided to feed her. Liked seeing her and Chris together too, it’s always fun to see the kids. Enjoyed, thanks for sharing her journey. :)

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