Fenzi Dog Sports Academy!

TODAY the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy officially goes on-line!

The what??!! (see how I'm jumping up and down?  That's because this is REALLY BIG for me!).   Ok, you can find it here: 


Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is a comprehensive school where you can study competition dog sports online! Teaching media include lectures, forums and instructional videos.  Materials are available 24 hours a day so you can study at your own pace and watch the videos as often as desired.  Ask the instructor questions in the online forum and post regular videos of your progress to receive timely feedback on how to proceed.

It doesn't matter where you live - in the farthest reaches of Greenland or the middle of New York City - you can learn a wide variety of dog sports sitting in front of your computer, taught by exceptional instructors hand selected by myself for their accomplishments,  teaching skills, knowledge of motivational training techniques, and positive communication style.  No more traffic or weather issues.  No more classes with the closest instructor, regardless of quality.  No more "holes" in your education as you struggle to learn about trial preparation or learning theory.  We will offer it all - a start to finish education for you and your canine competitor, using positive, motivational techniques.

Don't worry if this makes no sense to you - go check out the "Sample" class for a one week example of how a class would look. You'll get it in five minutes flat - pretty cool!

You can look through the catalog to get a sense of the classes which are currently scheduled or planned for the near future.

For those struggling with financial issues, Scholarships will be available for classes beginning June 1st.  See the "scholarship" link for information.

Go check it out:  www.Fenzidogsportsacademy.com  If you like what you see, then press the "like" button for Facebook on the main page.  This allows the information to get out to a wider audience (yeah, you're helping with my marketing.  I really do appreciate that).

Look forward to seeing many of you online!



Something complicated is in the works – but too early to think about that:).


What a great variety of choices! I do most of my training on my own and some of these would really help me improve. I’m fairly comfortable with agility foundation, but I bet I could learn a lot about working in drive if I took foundation classes in other disciplines. Foundation is where the magic happens.


All righty, I added myself to the mailing list so I can enroll in the IPO fundamentals course before it fills. I don’t want to progress in thhe sport, but I think I could learn a lot about working in drive that I’ll be able to apply to obedience and agility.

Kathy Sugitani

I am so impressed by your scholarship program! It really shows how much you care about helping people train their dogs using these methods. Instructors are charging small fortunes for online classes, and while the information may be worth it, it does put it out of range for a lot of people who simply cannot afford it.

Thank you for thinking of those who might really benefit but can’t pay for it. I cannot wait for your classes to open up!

S. Weaver

Looks wonderful! I’ve certainly been enjoying and benefiting from your courses at Agility University! Now, which one to pick? to take next at your Acadamey!

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