Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (on-line)

For On-Line classes (available worldwide) go to our on-line Fenzi Dog Sports Academy at:   www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy was developed to provide extremely high quality information, worldwide, regarding the most current and progressive methods of dog training for competition dogs; otherwise known as “sport” dogs.

We believe that by focusing on education and very concrete training information, dog sports can progress to the most science-based and humane methods possible.  As a science-based, motivational trainer, Denise feels strongly about providing this information to others to assist them in developing flexible, warm, supportive partnerships with their canine dog sport companions.  

As one progresses through the courses, the plan for excellence should become clear – understand dog behavior, develop excellent training skills for whatever sports interest you, and master the requirements for taking a dog into the world of competition. 

For both the handler and the dog, training should be a journey, not a destination.  Open your mind, develop your skills and see where the journey takes you.


 Fenzi Academy instructors have the experience and knowledge to take you through all aspects of training for competition. Not just the beginning steps, but the proofing and trial preparation steps as well.  Instructors with this information are few and far between in many dogs sports, and they are here to help you on your journey as well.